Last Week in Thrift - Oct 17, 2016

ghs redesign

Who better to employ to redesign a thrift shop but those filled with the creativity of youth? In this Last Week in Thrift we visit a thrift shop where a host of high school students are in charge of the redesign while Halloween and DIY costumes are prominent around the net. 

GHS students redesign thrift shop

Oct 11, 2016 | The Register-Mail

Wallace’s class split up into five groups that redesigned different parts of the thrift shop, such as the restrooms, the front display and the manager’s office.

They interviewed Manager Tiffany Anderson about her vision for the store, created floor plans and made the changes.

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Halloween costumes can still be fun even on a tight budget

Oct 12, 2016 | Fox21News

Instead of dropping a lot of money on a costume people have already seen, thrift stores say doing it yourself is not just the most affordable option but it’s also the most memorable.

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Thrifting your Halloween costume can help local charities

Oct 13, 2016 | KWQC

“We have decorations, we have pottery, we have all kinds of things here,” Brase said. “You name it, we got it.”

Brase said the holiday season is also an important time for generating new customers.

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The Guaranteed Thrift-Store Win You Need To Start Looking For

Oct 16, 2016 | Refinery 29

Thrift stores can be intimidating, if you're not the kind of person whose idea of a Happy Place involves routinely coming across used Kleenex. But, there's a lot of treasure in thrift stores, and knowing that is enough to give devoted shoppers the patience to weed through hundreds of duds for that one special thing. But, what if we told you that there's actually a loophole

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This Chapel Hill woman decorated her whole house with thrift store finds

Oct 7, 2016 | The News & Observer

Mangum’s frequent visits to the store near her Chapel Hill home yielded a treasure trove of what she considers to be priceless finds at a fraction of their retail cost. She bought rolls of wallpaper for 25 cents to one dollar. She updated her fireplace hearth with Carrera marble tile she found for $1 a piece, and decorated her mantel with a box of hand-painted Spanish tiles that set her back five dollars. She redid her floor using a case of bamboo flooring she bought for $12. Several years and several thousands of dollars later, her entire home has been completely renovated and decorated with local thrift store finds.

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Thrift Making a Difference

Your purchase is a gift to the world. Here's how shopping at MCC Thrift Shops makes a difference through programs offered by MCC.

For A Cure Thrift Store sponsors free mammograms for those in need

Oct 11, 2016 | Fort Bend Herald

“We are looking for participants who may be uninsured or under-insured to help get preventive screenings,” said store representative Nakia West.

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I was a little scared too: Three families after Hurricane Matthew

Oct 12, 2016 | MCC

Fledana described the healthy gardens before the storm, full of corn and sorghum, kongo beans and red beans. Now they look trampled, and without fencing for protection wandering goats eat away at what little is left. She holds the MCC blanket we have brought for her her tight to her chest as we talk.

fledana mezi hurricane matthew relief

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