Village Green Thrift Shop: About us

Village Green Thrift Shop is located in Saskatoon's West Side, on 20th St W.

This was our original store:                                                                   

   The birth of the Thrift Shops did not come all at once.Thrift Shops were the result of women seeking ways and means to help with the work of MCC.

   For years women had collected and sent clothing to family,friends and others affected by Word War II.During the fifties and sixties MCC expanded to many parts of the world.It became evident that sending western clothing to countries in the East created many problems.The clothing was not culturally acceptable,nor was it good for the local economy.

 In Saskatoon,the Women's Auxillary had been selling some of the excess items at Rummage sales.Some of the material was made into quilts and rugs.During the fifties homes were used as collection centers.

 In 1972 the Women's Auxilary met with Justina Baerg of MCC-Manitoba.She challenged  them to consider converting some of their "material aid" into cash for MCC purposes overseas.Her suggestion was to sell good used clothing,and other small household wares in a downtown setting.Manitoba had done well the previous year with this concept.

On February 8, 1973 Mennonite Clothes Closet opened on 3rd Ave.N.It was the first store in Saskatchewan.Income from opening day,to the end of the month.was $459.00.In September of the same year,around $6900.00 was donated to MCC,after expenses.


In September of that year ,the manager,Katie Bath,reported that the premises were getting crowded.She hoped to move to a larger building.In November,the Clothes Closet moved to 22nd Street East,near the present Sturdy Stone building.

On August 7,1975 they moved again,this time to 127-20th Street West,a building MCC had purchased.

Somewhere in the early history of the Thrift Shop, MCCS Women's Auxiliary gave control of the Clothes Closet over to MCC.

In February 1985,a fire, east of the 127-20th St. West store, damaged the building to extent that it needed to be demolished. The decision was made to rebuild, in the same location.The new building would be two stories with a basement.

A temporary store was rented at 340-20th St.West.

On January 9,1986  the doors of the Clothes Closet were reopened for business in their new building.

In 1993,130-20th  St.West became available and was purchased.It became the  Furniture and Appliance division,and was operated under separate management..

In 2000,crowding in the Furniture and Appliance center lead to the  purchase of the former European Meats building at 308-20th St.West.After renovating, it became the home of the furniture and appliance center.They opened for business in November 2000.

The 127-20 th St.West location of the clothing store expanded into the space formerly occupied by the furniture center.The basement was organized with clothing racks for extra stock and for sorting and pricing.The second floor was converted to a staff lunch room and a quilting workroom. The name Village Green Thrift Stores was chosen for the stores.The name has since been changed to Village Green Thrift Shop and Village Green Furniture and Appliance Shop.