Week 24 challenge | Swap paper gift wrap for fabric

Fan factoid: September 9th is the most popular day to be born in America (insert awkward connection to Christmas and New Year’s here). That means there are likely lots of birthday celebrations and gift giving going on for you in the next week. How about making your birthday gift giving (and any other type of gift giving) a little more eco-friendly?

This week, switch from using non-recyclable gift wrap to using fabric. Use a T-shirt, scarf, tea towel or any other fabric you may have at home to conceal your gift. Bonus: your fabric gift wrap counts as part of the gift too! Don’t have any fabric at home? You can peruse your local MCC Thrift shop for fabric options to wrap your goodies so you can save a little cash and help the planet too.

Needing a little how-to video? Check out this article and video by Better Homes & Gardens to help get you started.

Feeling crafty? Cut any extra fabric scraps you may have up into strips and tie your gift up in an eco-friendly bow.

Did you try this challenge? Post a photo of your amazing eco-friendly office challenge on social media with the hashtag #thrifty50 and tag us with @MCCThrift. We'd love to see how you're doing!

Until next Wednesday,
Lori Giesbrecht
MCC Thrift

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