Week 33 challenge | Kitchen challenge | Kondo your fridge

Did you know that November 15 is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day? I sure didn’t but now I have a day to dedicate to my fridge! Never thought I’d say that . . .

This week, let’s spark some joy and (Marie) Kondo your fridge and make it more eco-friendly.

  1. Start by getting rid of any expired foods. Make sure to compost the out-of-date food and recycle any packaging or containers.
  2. Next, take stock of where you can use less plastic like using re-usable produce bags storage containers. Your local MCC Thrift shop is a great resource for these items.
  3. Once you’ve got your fridge cleared out, give it a good clean using eco-friendly cleaning products like a mixture of hot water, vinegar and lemon juice. Get the recipe for this natural cleaner.
  4. Now, stock up on food items that you need for the week, making sure to purchase items from the bulk food shop when you can.
The final step? Bask in the beauty of your sparkling clean and organized fridge that you worked so hard for. It’s a level of joy that few will understand!

Did you try this challenge? Let us know on social media by posting a photo of your joy-filled fridge with the hashtag #thrifty50 and tag us with @MCCThrift. We'd love to see how you're doing!

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Until next Wednesday,
Lori Giesbrecht
MCC Thrift

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