Week 37 challenge | A sustainable Christmas tree

It’s officially the month of Christmas! Have you decorated already? If not, I’ve got some eco-friendly tips for you.

Whether you go the traditional tree route or not, I’ve got some sustainable Christmas tree options:

  1. A potted Christmas tree a.k.a. a temporary houseplant | Source out a potted Christmas tree in your area. These trees can live in your house for up to 12 days with the proper care. When the holiday season is over, move your tree outside and, depending on your climate, plant this coniferous in your garden or wait until springtime. Don’t have a yard? Look into renting a potted tree!
  2. DIY a tree | Make a tree from items you already own or from items you can get from your local MCC Thrift shopbooks, scrap paper, metal coat hangers, felt, the possibilities are endless!
  3. Get creative and decorate a houseplant instead | If you’ve got plants in your home, transform one of your sturdy plants into a tree. Bonus is that you don’t have to move anything around to make space for a tree.
  4. Bonus tip | Buy secondhand ornaments from your favourite MCC Thrift shop. You’ll be sure to come across some unique finds that are beautiful as is or you can do a paint DIY to match your holiday theme.

Did you try this challenge? Post a photo of your sustainable tree on social media with the hashtag #thrifty50 and tag us with @MCCThrift. We'd love to see how you're doing!

P.S. Look for more Christmas décor DIYs in MCC Thrift’s How to have a peaceful Christmas with MCC Thrift guide!

Until next Wednesday,
Lori Giesbrecht
MCC Thrift

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