Week 5 challenge | Start your own vegetable garden

Let's break out your green thumb this week (or find out if you have one 😊)
and start growing some veggie seedlings inside!

Did you know that growing your own vegetables helps to reduce the amount
of plastic packaging that gets put into our landfills? Plus, harmful chemical use
is reduced to zero with organically grown product. AND, growing your own veggies
helps you save money on your weekly grocery bill!

To start, research what veggies grow best in your climate and what might grow
well in containers and what needs to be planted in the ground later. Then, you'll
need a few supplies including seeds, starting soil, pots, a watering can and a light
source (natural or a grow light). Your local MCC Thrift shop is a great place to look
for these items.

Once you've got all your supplies, look on the seed packages for planting
instructionsincluding seed depth and spacing and germination times. Then,
go all out with planting your veggie seeds and enjoy watching your plant babies

Once the temperature warms up outside, transplant your seedlings to large outdoor
containers or your garden plot. If you don't have a garden space, how about looking
into community gardens in your neighbourhood?

If you're looking for more information about how to start your indoor garden,
YouTube has loads of videos to help you out. Your local greenhouse will also
be a great resource for you too.

Did you try this challenge? Post a photo of your plant babies on social media with the
hashtag #thrifty50 and tag us with @MCCThrift. We'd love to see how you're doing!

Until next Wednesday,
Lori Giesbrecht
MCC Thrift

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