Week 9 challenge | Donate "those clothes"

We've all got "those clothes." The ones that are stuck in the back of your closet or
fell behind your dresser. Or that dress you wore once to your cousin's sister's
wedding but won't ever wear again because it magically shrunk over the last
few years. Those clothes.

This week, go through your closets, dressers, wardrobes and any other piece
of furniture that has clothes in it and make some room. If a piece is in good
condition, put it in a "To donate" pile. If it's beyond repair or you're embarrassed
to even remember that you wore it, consider turning it into something else like
a reusable bag, cleaning rag, or gift wrap so that you can get another use out of it.

Once you've sorted through your clothes, put your "To donate" pile in a box and
drop it off at your local MCC Thrift shop so that your old clothes can get new
life. Plus, your clothing donation will help people in need all over the world.
How cool is that!

Did you try this challenge? Post a photo of your "To donate" pile or, if you
dare, your embarrassing clothing find, on social media with the hashtag
#thrifty50 and tag us with @MCCThrift. We've love to see how you're

PS: Check out your eco-friendly guide to decluttering for more tips on
how to sort through your clothes and other items around your home.

Until next Wednesday,
Lori Giesbrecht
MCC Thrift

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