As a network of grassroots shops, each location has its own character, history and stories. Throughout the 50th year we’ll be telling some of the stories that make MCC Thrift so amazing! We’ll feature profiles of volunteers, stories of creative shop initiatives and the difference that you have made by shopping, volunteering or donating with MCC Thrift.

A few coins in a muffin tin

Kaethe's support of MCC didn’t come from nowhere; she’d experienced MCC’s work firsthand as a little girl in the 1920s.

“A bike can change somebody’s life”

Thrift shop volunteers fix, donate, sell bikes for those in need.

Pricing for a purpose: One volunteer’s story

Teacher-turned-volunteer gives back at MCC thrift shop in same neighbourhood as former school.

Volunteer finds fellowship and fulfillment at MCC Thrift shop

From teacup shopping to cashier — one volunteer’s story.

Community support key for $1M donation

Last year, an MCC Thrift shop in Ohio donated $1 million in profits to the organization’s programs around the world and is planning to do the same in 2022.

Looking back on 50 years of MCC Thrift

50 years ago, MCC Thrift founder had “no idea” first shop would turn into multi-million dollar operation.