MCC Thrift Reopening Strategy

When are MCC Thrift shops reopening?

As each shop actively works to put necessary guidelines in place to follow guidance from the provincial government, their timeline to reopen will be different.

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How is MCC Thrift ensuring shops are safe?

The safety of staff, volunteers and customers is a top priority. We are doing everything we can to safely welcome back our communities to shop, donate and volunteer at their local MCC Thrift shop.

Some ways we will ensure staff, volunteers and customers can shop with confidence upon reopening include:

  • limiting the number of customers in the shop at one time and ensuring two-metre distancing is marked and enforced
  • asking customers to browse with their eyes and limit the number of products they touch
  • closing fitting rooms and not offering returns
  • creating special shopping hours for vulnerable members of our communities
  • establishing a thorough cleaning and disinfecting routine with focuses on high traffic and touch areas so that customers can shop with confidence
  • encouraging anyone who has been recently ill or has travelled in the last two months to refrain from shopping or donating at an MCC Thrift shop at this time

Signage in shops will communicate these policies. People can show their care and help us keep our community healthy and safe by following all shopping and donation guidelines implemented by their local MCC Thrift shop.

For more shop specific guidelines on reopening we encourage you to contact the shop directly if you have any questions.

Can I donate my second-hand goods to an MCC Thrift shop?

Yes. MCC Thrift shops are accepting donations and have implemented new donation procedures to ensure the safety of donors, volunteers and staff.

As part of the process, each shop will have a new donation schedule to ensure your gently used goods can be safely processed, which includes cleaning and disinfecting donations.

As MCC Thrift shops reopen, donations will be needed to support those in need in our communities. Thank you to everyone who has been storing their donations during store closures. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your generosity.

To ensure we can safely and effectively process donations, please follow the guidelines in place at your local MCC Thrift shop.

Can I volunteer at an MCC Thrift shop?

MCC Thrift shops rely on volunteers to make possible our mission of supporting the local and global relief, development and peace projects of MCC. We are excited to welcome back many dedicated and passionate volunteers and are equipping them with necessary supplies to serve the community safely.

We also anticipate that some volunteers may choose not to return at this time. Some MCC Thrift shops may experience a shortage of volunteers, but we are confident our communities will help fill the volunteer gap. Anyone interested in volunteering should use provincial health guidelines to determine their risk of spreading COVID-19. If they are not at risk, please contact the shop you wish to volunteer at directly.